Although, if your camera is near a power supply and cabling it is not an issue, you won’t have to worry about recharging these. It was big and clunky and heavy, and although it did support power over Ethernet, it didn’t have a cool app (this was before apps became real popular). For the price it isn't bad at all. It does send alerts for motion and is very good in doing so. Now getting back to the app and some of its features. This product works really well and is reliable (after you fumble through the setup) Still, using the App could be more intuitive. -Good picture quality If using more then one camera the manufacturer recommends 2K video recording should be limited to only one camera. Watching my network DNS it looks like they are using a reverse application proxy to allow remote connection, which is nice. you only want notifications if motion is detected at night. 2. I didn’t want anything wired in order to get linked to my system. The bullet camera’s utilitarian design, which includes a conspicuous antenna, lets anyone in its proximity know that it’s on watch. Getting it connected was not seamless but certainly not too difficult. Notifications seem snappy. The camera is reasonably weatherproof and has an enclosed 16Gb MicroSd card. Just connect the wireless antenna, connect it to power, download the app, and follow the setup procedure. WooHoo! Therefore, you don't have to change the card if you don't want to keep old video files. I can't say this is the issue but it seems to work better when closer to your router. You can configure zones in the image for movement detection so that when motion is detected the app will notify you. You are supposed to be able to set activity zones, but the app just shows a black "Live" screen when setting the zone up. 1. With the app installed on your phone, you’ll get video motion alerts on your phone if you choose to record detected motion only. However, there are no available monitoring services, no cloud storage (at this time), the cameras require a wired connection, and are generally less “home user” friendly. Nowhere in the paperwork was there any mention of this O ring or what it was for! I have Amcrest IP cameras and they are super easy to install but they are only 1080P. Also the range isn’t super great either. ** Concerns – The included power cord is NOT weatherproof. My cell is also connected to the same network as the camera and I can see what the Camera see’s so I’m thinking I’m good. This camera is great and I recommend it. Audio recording!!! The Land Rover Defender's boxy shape and retro details recall the 1950's original but with a modern twist that makes it both sophisticated and nostalgic. The app is easy as the quick start has a code for the app so finding it is no problem. The price for the camera in terms of value is good if you are willing to dedicate time to the installation and work with the aforementioned caveats. Its wired for power although its wireless for the wifi part Defender Security Systems: Customer Reviews “I’d previously been using the Nest cameras, but the yearly fee added up to a lot and I wanted something that didn’t have this. Some screen images on the app are not fitted to the screen size as one would expect, so you may see a screen and be at a loss only to then slide it up a hair and see the next step button. Let’s start with the App, which is required. I am not a carpenter. We just bought a brand new home and security was our foremost concern. It stood out to me since they don't tie to a recorder and I can add more cameras as they were on sale. The hardware is rugged and fully featured. Installation of the Android App (this is all Android/iOS based, no Windows or MacOS client), was one of the most straight forward and easy experiences I had. Very easy to setup and use. -Takes A little planning and knowledge to install Quality felt good not great, but OK. 7. There aren’t instructions for the numerous settings, although many are pretty obvious. This is the review of the Defender IP2KCB1 2K Wi-Fi Wireless Security Camera The key feature of this camera is that it can continuously record, has an included 16 Gig SD card, allows for manually selection of motion detection, has no subscription plan requirements, and can work on a wireless network. Durability—which translates into reliable security—was the goal here, as evidenced by the tamper-proof chassis and an IP67 weather proof rating, indicating it’s dust tight and can survive immersion in up to 1 meter of water. I personally like having cloud storage even if it means paying for it in the event that something happens in the neighborhood that you may not of been aware of. My old cameras all had a DC power feed and a coaxial BNC connectors, so the Wi-Fi as well as using a cat line was interesting, not to mention in Hi-Def. But I could probably tolerate some of the difficulties with physical placement if the software weren't so clunky and frustrating to use. SUMMARY: It connects through an App on your phone and all this is connected to your home network. Really, that sums up all. Once it’s mounted and connected, a quick scan by the companion app and it’s ready for use. This is more of a standard security camera with Wi-Fi option and is definitely not a RING type or I should say camera like on the insurance commercial where the mayhem guy breaks into a guy’s car while he is away from home and chatting with him. The nice part of the SD card is not having to be dependent on it capturing video and storing on the cloud with video degradation, and you can just remove the card and plug it into the computer with an sd reader to view the files. Doesn’t give that super crisp 4K UHD but then again it doesn’t say that it does. Cons: - No talk back. I mounted this above my garage and other than having to climb into the crawl space to run the wire, it was easy. I received the camera and was pretty excited to have a chance to keep an eye on things in the barn from the house. Additionally sharing the camera is easy which is nice because I can give my wife access as well. There's a 16 GB micro SD card pre-installed so that makes for saving footage on a daily basis. Hopefully this review will help to answer any questions or doubt. The camera also lacked any smart home compatibility. They clearly understood what my objective was. Once powered WI-FI pairing is pretty simple and quick. For 99.99 this is a good camera. There are no flood lights built in or alarms. The setup of the Defender Guard camera requires a Phillips #2 screw driver, a drill and drill bit set, an Android or iOS device, and high speed internet (wired or wireless). The picture does seem a bit grainy but not blurry. It involves scanning a QR code and listening to a bird sound to connect. You can also turn on Human Detection or just general motion movement that alerts the app that there’s camera activity. One from my 2nd order was defective so I returned it and stuck with 4. A great feature I love is that I can zoom in or out of any live view or recorded video using my two fingers pinched and spread across my Smart Phones, Tablet, or my I-Pad. | Reviews & Complaints This is truly a great value. But then I found that recordings seemed to be haphazardly managed; you find evidence of them in the "record history" logs, but there's no clear indication of how to delete the videos from the microSD once you've reviewed them. Keep in mind that this Defender Guard camera is also a 'stand-a-lone' and through the Defender App can be programmed to record to its SD card upon motion activation. It's a good starter camera. -For an outdoor camera defender chose thing gauge cabling Away from home, I was able to see what was happening, and I received notifications when motion was activated. I love the Defender - Guard Indoor/Outdoor 1440p Wi-Fi Wireless Network Surveillance Camera. Very easy, connect the power after mounting it on the wall outdoor and then download the defender app from the iOS/android store and then scan the QR code to recognize and setup the camera. Installed the application from the Play store, and followed the prompts. In the way of picture quality and function this a pretty standard camera. Either way once set up was complete video footage and streaming was smooth and flawless on the 2.4 band. The Defender 2k security camera offers premium features like ip67 rating, 4mp resolution, and app control. It says it can handle up to a 128GB memory card, which is pretty nice. Very good resolution and wide angle camera. It’s all recorded. I had to go into the settings and increase the sensitivity before it picked up people walking in front of the camera. Crisp, highly detailed images from an affordable security camera. Camera comes with 16GB SD Card to record movement that can be downloaded. There is only a 10 foot power cord included, so if you aren’t very handy, you may require assistance with installation. Take into consideration that this is a Hi-Def camera and if you do get it going to stream live, you will need a fast internet connection as well as fast Wi-Fi router IF it even can connect live via the Wi-Fi method. Wifi set up is quick and easy. Bottom line, if you use this for what it is (an outdoor camera) you need to have a little bit of talent to wire it up correctly. Be aware this camera can only be adjusted vertically. - Free software requires no monthly subscription fees--videos & images can be viewed live, downloaded to phone or used with one of Defender's hubs for "home cloud" video collection; included 16GB microSD card is adequate for some limited retention of recorded images/video Similarly, you get a thumbnail picture of a camera feed in your's listed as one of 4 and you can swipe through different cameras left to it looks like you can set up to 4 active camera feeds and have a "control station" grid to pick from; great! 1st youll need to select your mounting location. By about one page. This is not a major issue as you can usually figure things out by just pressing buttons and icons and see what they do, but I always thought a proper user manual should explain every button on every page of the app. Again, you need this unit connected to power so one connected you scan the camera to the app and Wala that is the setup. Records sound At 16 gigs of storage you can expect to get about 2 weeks of stored footage obviously depending on how much foot traffic you get and your motion setting. Connecting the camera to my wireless network caused me no end of consternation. In the app itself, the interface is extremely simple with only 3 main sections: Devices, Notifications and Account Info. It is a cost-effective, DYI, 4MP, 2K resolution, Color Security Camera with Sound and impressive Night Vision. I really like the customizations available down to the individual camera, and a 4-camera installation will cost nearly half of what the Arlo 2 Pro system from Netgear will. - The only problem that I faced was correctly mounting the camera in first attempt. Thus, internal wiring may be required, or if installing externally, you may need to drill through external surfaces and get creative with connections to a nearby electrical outlet. As I mentioned, Please include a choice to view in SD or HD fully, and clarify whether any recordings are only in SD or in HD, and you can not tell when viewing recorded playback. To be fair, I have the house and most of the property on a higher-end Samsung commercial grade system so what I am used to is not apples to apples. Should you choose to not use 2.4ghz wifi, or if your wifi is weak in your desired location. The camera does not work with 5G networks. It is quite heavy and comes assembled with an adjustable mounting bracket (all metal) and hardware, including a weatherproof shield for a LAN cable should one want to connect that way. - The night vision is also better than expected and the motion detector works very well so the camera only records when there is movement. There is no horizontal adjustment. Install and Setup: Everything is accomplished using your phone. You might have to play around with the sensitivity and zoning function due to the default settings were picking up car lights driving by as motion and alerting me each time, but as I said, zoning and sensitivity I was able to resolve that. What’s in the box The camera can record both video as well as still images if you push the camera button. The app is easy to use as well and makes the setup process easy. Hopefully the app will be further developed to add more functionality and true backup. - 2K resolution If you don’t use that ethernet plug, then that cable will just hang and look aesthetically unpleasing. However, that's where the positives start to fall off. And, most importantly for me, it required no subscription but allowed for on-camera recordings continuously or events triggered by motion. When I received them the setup and installation/mounting was so easy that I ordered 2 more when they went on sale again. I had to connect my old wifi for it to get the signal. Browning Defender Wireless Review The Defender Wireless is an AT&T cellular trail camera that takes good pictures, has a fast detection circuit, and utilizes a well-built case design. Once storage is full it will start to over write the old footage. Some ended up just hanging the camera above a power outlet, or doing that and using it indoors. Drill a 3/4" hole to run your camera power wire& ethernet adapter through, connect the camera to its power adapter which is 10ft long. A .5 is better and .0 is best. The SD card removes like normal by pushing down on it and letting it pop up. -No mention of available firmware updates (website is lacking) It also has an on-board, self-contained, 16GB Micro SD card, which can be upgraded to 128GB, and, is able to record both 'motion-events' and sound through the Defender Smart Signal App when motion is initiated. You're able to log in with the phone app and view the live feed, change settings for when videos will be recorded, view recorded videos, and set portions of the video feed to watch for moment. It also has some negatives that prevent it from being worth getting. I opened the box and it seemed straightforward to set up the camera. The night vision is cool and yes the audio does work. Also, I was already using the Defender Smart Signal app and that works just as well for all the cameras. When an intrusion into a protected area triggers a notification, a snapshot of the intruder (vehicle, person, wildlife) is sent to your phone. ---FEATURES--- The add on security router allows you to hard wire the camera or cameras to it and plug it into your router so you can see live feed or you can go via the DVR box does the same but adds much more features, Defender has the upgraded DVR. Setup of this camera as a stand alone unit requires a WiFi connection that is also connected to internet. It also then begs the question if it is always recording in HD or in SD until you switch it. The 2.4 GHz is used more often when longer distances are more important then the amount of data delivery. Once you have it installed you just need to download the Defender Guard app. It will not display a live image so you can properly set your zones. This camera was very surprising good wide angle crystal clear daytime color video night time black and white also excellent. If this were strictly an indoor camera, then cord length wouldn't be an issue. Not a lot of cameras out there have it I had full signal on my phone where I wanted to mount the camera but, faces serious buffering issues with the camera. Finally I was able to see video (while connected to lan). The camera also appears to be weather ready, meaning that it will endure rain, snow or heat. The picture quality is great, day or night. Wherever this camera is installed the 120V power connections must be protected from the elements and safe. All in all, this is a great camera and I would highly recommend it to anyone who's in the market to buy one.